Church Summer Update - June / July

What's happening at GBC up to the end of July.

The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day.

(Proverbs 4:18)

This past week marked Summer Solstice or Midsummer; when one of the Earth's poles has its maximum tilt toward the Sun. This means that the highpoint of the Summer has taken place in terms of the amount of daylight we enjoy, and now (though it may not be obvious straight away) the nights are starting to get longer, and the days shorter. Lord willing there is still plenty of sunny weather for us to enjoy in July and August; nevertheless, summer though only really beginning, is also already closing out.

I think that’s a good picture of the dilemma of life in this sinful broken world. Without a doubt because of God’s goodness there are so many good things in this world of ours to see and hear and touch and taste and experience and enjoy; and yet in another very real sense it’s all passing away. The bible tells us that we are living in the last days, that the summer of human history is near to its close and that sooner or later our Lord Jesus will return, and God will wrap up the sky like a scroll and bring things to an end.

That’s sounds somewhat depressing or gloomy doesn’t it (not exactly a nice summery thought!) But the good news is; the end will only be a glorious new beginning for those who are in Christ. You see, for those whose lives are tilted right now in faith toward the SON of righteousness in all His blazing glory and beautiful grace; the future is bright! And the brightness of that future is what gives us hope and purpose and strength in the here and now.

I don’t know what your plans are for this summer. For many of us our plans have been changed or cancelled due to the present Covid-Crisis. Naturally, whenever our plans are changed or derailed it can be discouraging and frustrating; but know this believer- God’s heart for His children never changes, and His sovereign, saving, all-wise GOOD plan can never ever be frustrated.

Whatever you are up to in July and August I pray you will come to know God’s heart and plan for you in Jesus in a much fuller deeper way. I also pray that as we journey on together as a church family; Jesus and the path He has laid out for us will appear brighter and more blessed, as we continue to keep our eyes fixed firmly on Him.

Pastor Jonny

What’s happening… (week of June 28)



Join us at 10.30 as we launch our new Summer teaching series Stories”.  This week is a very special All-Age service featuring contributions from our P7s, Sunday Club and Every Voice Choir!


Virtual Welcome

If you are new to the church or have begun to tune in on-line, we would love a chance to get to know you, and also to share with you a bit more about the life and ministry of GBC. 

After the service on Sunday June 28th (12pm) we will be having a 20 min coffee time on Zoom, hosted by some of our leadership and staff. It will be very informal, but hopefully prove valuable to help you begin to feel a bit more connected. For Zoom details contact

Church Prayer Meeting

We meet again this Sunday June 28th at 7pm on Zoom.

This will involve one of the staff team bringing a brief word of encouragement and sharing prayer points, and then around 30 mins of praying together.

The Zoom link and meeting details are included in the covering email. The host this week is Jamie. Please contact him if you are having any connection issues:


Church Members

Church members will receive an email this weekend with vote results and also some information related to the matters we discussed at our meeting.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK in your email account if you haven’t got it yet.
If you’re still having problems then contact

You can also check out our blog post

If you are unsure, please send Pat an email at

What’s happening… (through JULY)

Summer is Here!! and there are still plenty of ways to ENGAGE with God’s people, be ENCOURAGED in God’s word and EQUIPPED for witness in God’s world…

STILL GATHERING - Sundays at 10.30am

School may be out but the learning continues at GBC this July and August!

We’ll be enrolling ourselves in a class taught by the master teacher Himself; Jesus Christ, as He shows us what it means to be part of His everlasting Kingdom. 

Reflecting on the parables He so effectively taught, we’ll discover their power and relevance for us today.


This new series will incorporate the whole church family with GBC KIDS ONLINE broadcast every Sunday at 10am.






STILL PRAYING - Sundays at 7pm

We will continue to gather for prayer on Zoom lifting our praises, as well as the needs of our church family, and the wider world.

PLEASE NOTE: The Zoom link and meeting details included in the covering email, will work for Sunday nights throughout the rest of the summer.

If you need or loss the summer prayer ZOOM details just email


Jacqui and her team are continuing to distribute food hampers to folk in our local community who are finding the present crisis particularly challenging.

If you would like to contribute non-perishable food items you can drop donations off in the church entranceway on Wednesdays and Fridays between 1pm to 3pm. 

Or you can donate directly to the CAP account and Jacqui will buy the hamper items needed.

CAP Account: Sort Code: 950611 Account No. 70087017.  

Every hamper is making a difference. Thank you!

STILL GROWING - Wednesdays at 8pm

During Summer many of our usual studies and small groups will have wound down so we want to create a different opportunity to gather round the Word and enjoy fellowship as a church family…

 TOGETHER/a p a r t will take place on Zoom and we will be using a book by Dale-Ralph Davis called “The way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life”. It’s a study of the first 12 Psalms and very accessible and engaging.

Why not order your copy now using this link:

Each week we’ll look at a Chapter/Psalm and there will be some questions posted on the Church Website to help your reading.

On the actual night there will be a 10-15 min recap/teaching time, and then we’ll break up into smaller groups for discussion, and prayer.

You don’t have to come every single week to take part (or to have read the chapter) everyone in the church is warmly invited to take part.


There will be two online Precepts Studies on Mondays at 7.30pm, and the Ladies study on Tuesdays at 10am

Contact Janet Broad for details:

What about Kids and Youth??

NEW!! GBC Kids Online broadcast every Sunday at 10am.

Sunday Club Parents will also receive a weekly email on Fridays with STORIES resources to use during the 10.30 service.



YOUTH Games Night / Friday June 26 / 7pm

To mark the ‘end of the year’ in youth we are holding a Virtual Games Night on Friday June 26. Youth Parents will be sent Zoom details via What’s app and we have encouraged the young people (and leaders) to adopt the dress code: School Uniforms


GBC Youth Weekly Zoom

For the past 12 weeks our Youth Team have been meeting with our young people on Zoom to connect and reflect on Encounters with Jesus.

There will be no youth zoom for the next few weeks as the team take a well-deserved break but they will be in touch with Youth families in July to let them know future plans.

Our family resource, ‘The Chosen’ will continue to go out on a weekly basis.

Baptist Youth Camp - July 20 – 24 / from 7.30pm

Are you gutted that all your Summer plans have been ruined?!? Well fear no more - because Baptist Youth are delighted to bring you YOUTH CAMP ONLINE

It’s for anyone aged 12+ and will take place each evening from 20-24 July 2020 from 7:30-9:30pm.

Sign up using this link:


Saviour, if of Zion’s city
I, through grace, a member am,
Let the world deride or pity-
I will glory in Thy name.

Fading is the worldling’s pleasure,
All his boasted pomp and show;
Solid joys and lasting treasure
None but Zion’s members know