Rabboni Mercy Trust - Spring Update

Spring Newsletter 2021





According to the Washington Post there are over 30 million orphaned children in India. They are not strictly orphans as you and I might understand it, since they may still have a parent living. But they often end up in orphanages due to poverty, stigma, abuse and other difficult situations. The family lacks the resources to adequately support their child who can end up on the streets or in danger from starvation or abuse.

Pastor Raja and Jebasheela have been caring for such children for over 20 years and the last 15 years you have been helping us care for them through the Rabboni Mercy Trust. Thank you for all your prayers and support. It really has made a difference to these young lives.

As the Covid pandemic rages in a deadly second wave in India thousands are dying. Pray for protection for Pastor Raja and Jebasheela. This has been a very difficult time trying to protect the children, and once again they are not able to run the school or church and so have no income apart from what we have been able to send for the children’s welfare.

Thank you so much to many of you who made additional gifts so that we could send extra support to them during this time. We are continuing to do this.



As well as coping with the Covid-19 crisis that has affected them over the last year they have had to contend with a leaking building, damaged by monsoon rains and making living conditions very difficult at the church and family home. The children have been living in a separate house, but are often here for meals and church related activities whenever possible. We believed it was important to try and offer some support for repairing the roof and building, and waterproofing the walls. The churches at Greenisland and Whitehead made special gifts and a matching fund allowed us to raise the necessary funds to put a brand new aluminum roof over the existing one and repair and waterproof the walls. This has been a wonderful answer to prayer and we thank God for helping us to do this. At last they will be dry during the rainy season.



Last time we introduced you to some of the children Pastor Raja and Jebasheela have taken in to care for over the last couple of years to replace the older ones who have now moved on. Sam and Mary are helping them look after these children. They are continuing to educate them and provide for them in these difficult times. Below Jebasheela introduces another four of these children.


Chandrika is one of our oldest students. She is 13 and studying in 8th standard. Next to her is Sindhu who is 12 years old and she is studying in 6th standard. They are both doing well and happy to be living in the Rabboni Mercy children’s home.


Charan is aged 11 and he is studying in 3rd standard. Sanjana is aged 10 and is studying in 2nd standard. They are brother and sister and have no father. Their father fell down from the top of a tree and died. The children were left alone in an aunties’ house without any proper care or education. Now they are happily staying in Rabboni Mercy children’s home.

All money given goes to the work of the Rabboni Mercy Orphanage and the care of the children

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