Psalm 1 Questions - The way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life:

Psalm 1: Discussion Questions:

Section 1: The Direction of the Believers life v1-2


Q1 – Why is it good for the Christian to see the direction of the believers life and how it should go? And how can we live out God’s Word better?


Q2 - How can Mediation of the Torah/God’s Word & Ways help us in our Christian lives? and why is this important? pg.17-18 answer



Section 2: The Description of the Believers life v3-4


Q3 – What encouragement can we take from the description of the believer’s life being planted as a Tree? And how does Psalm 92:12-15 Encourage us in this?



Section 3: The Destiny of the Believer’s Life v5-6


Q4 – How can Knowing and Living out the way of the Righteous bring us Great Joy and Hope in our Christian Journey?  



Whole Psalm question:


Q5 - What is the main thing you have learned from Psalm 1 tonight or what challenged and encouraged you most?