Unexpected Christmas Daily Devotionals

Short video reflections from our church family

During December we are reading through the devotional book, 'The Christmas we didn't expect' by David Mathis.

Each day one of our church family will share their thoughts on the devotion for that day. We hope they are a blessing to you. If you would like to order a copy of the book please follow the link: The Christmas We Didn't Expect - David Mathis | The Good Book Company

Dec 24 - The Day Heaven Kissed Earth

April Matchett

Dec 23 - The Real Festivus Miracle

Keith Jardine

Dec 22 - Swaddling God

Clara Rose Armstrong

Dec 21 - Words are the Greatest Gifts

Joann Davidson

Dec 20 - Words are the Greatest Gifts

Stephen Broad

Dec 19 - Christmas Tests Our Treasure

Frazer Bailie

Dec 18 - Christmas Doesn't Ignore Your Pain

Janet Broad

Dec 17 - Learning the Habit of Christmas

Pamela Collins

Dec 16 - You were Made for Christmas

Stathis and Ruth Yfantidis


Dec 15 - How God Became a Man

Clive Gray

Dec 14 - God Grew Up in a Forgotten Town

Chris Dorrian


Dec 13 - Jesus Obeyed His Parents

Aaron Lyons

Dec 12 - Exceeding Great Joy

Barbara Brock

Dec 11 - The Irony of the Epiphany

Vicky McAuley

Dec 10 - We Three Kings of Orient Aren't

Kate Peden

Dec 9 - Hark, the Long Lost Verses Sing

Lilian Allen

Dec 8 - The Arrival of Great Joy

Ashleigh Lindsay

Dec 7 - Glory to God in the Lowest

Trevor Brock

Dec 6 - Jesus is Fully Human

Phil Howe

Dec 5 - The Word Became Flesh

Jacqui Robb

Dec 4 - What Child is this?

John Barron

Dec 3 - The Glory of His Virgin Birth

Louise Kerr

Dec 2 - The Eternity Before Christmas

April Matchett

Dec 1 - A Christmas Carol for the Weak

Pastor Jonny McGreevy