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  • Resolved - Enjoying God
  • Resolved - Confession & Repentance
  • Resolved - Worship
  • Hosea - You've Got the Love
  • Hosea - Let Me Show You Love
  • Hosea - The Cycle of Love
  • Hosea - Let me Love You
  • Hosea - Crazy Love
  • Stories 8 - The Lost Son

    After telling the STORIES about the Lost Sheep and Coin Jesus tells the most famous of all the parables: The Lost Son. There are three main characters: the younger brother, the father and the older brother and we learn lessons from each one of them. The younger brother shows how we foolishly think we would be better off on our own, the Father shows the forgiveness and joy God offers when sinners home, and the older brother shows an attitude of bitterness and self-righteousness. Jesus leaves the story unresolved to challenge the attitude of the Pharisees who rejected Jesus and sent Him to the cross to die.

    Matt Campbell is the Director of Baptist Youth

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