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Gather - Go - Grow

This September in our Sunday Morning Broadcasts we are going revisit God’s vision for HOW and WHY we do CHURCH. Without a doubt lockdown has been difficult and we’ve longed to meet and minister together, but the essentials of church remain the same; even if the format is different, or things are not what we would ideally want them to be. God is still seeking a people who are passionate to experience His presence, continually growing in the knowledge of His grace, and sacrificially engaging in His mission to seek and save the lost.

As CHURCH we not only need to mature in our grasp of the Gospel, which is GOOD NEWS FOR US! We also need to have a much clearer sense of our mission: who God is calling us to be, what exactly He is calling us to do, and where and to whom He is calling us to go and be His witnesses. A clear vision of our mission matters because as a fellowship of believers we can all too easily burden or burn ourselves out in doing good things, but not necessarily the things God calls us to prioritize, as He speaks to us in His word and spurs us on by His Spirit.


  • Compelled to GO
  • Compelled to GROW
  • Compelled to GATHER

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