Sermons by Jonny McGreevy


  • Comfort - One Another

    The Last is this Series on Loving One Another, and the last sermons as Pastor of GBC for Jonny.

  • Bear - One Another
  • Honour - One Another
  • Love - One Another
  • Hezekiah - Crown in Crisis
  • Hezekiah - Higher Throne

    God hears Hezekiah's cry and speaks to him through Isaiah with a song of deliverance. God is the Great Provider who hears His people and answers prayer. He defends the city and strikes down the Assyrians as they sleep.

  • Hezekiah - Praying Potentate
  • Hezekiah - Sovereign under Siege
  • Hezekiah - The Battle for Belief
  • Hezekiah - Regal Reformer

    Meet Hezekiah, who did what was right in the sight of God. Hear about his reforms and his trust in the Lord but also witness how he responds under pressure and the danger this places himself and his people in.

  • Encountering Jesus


    We consider what it means to encounter Jesus. We are reminded that one encounter with the living God should set up many more!

  • Praise my Soul - Forgiven
  • Compelled to GO
  • Praise my Soul - Restored
  • Compelled to GROW
  • Praise my Soul - Healed
  • Praise my Soul - Ransomed
  • Compelled to GATHER
  • Stories 3 - The Unforgiving Servant
  • Stories 2 - The Sower and the Soils
  • Stories 1 - The Wise & Foolish Builders

    Through this STORY of two builders, Jesus teaches us to LISTEN to His Word and APPLY it in our lives. Jesus told this parable at the end of the ‘Sermon on the Mount’. He wanted His words to change the way people lived. Every time we read the Bible or hear God’s Word we can either build on the rock (trust Jesus by following His Word) or build on the sand (forget everything we’ve heard).

  • Psalm 91 - In God we Trust
  • The Glorious Christ - King

    Last in this 3 Part Series

  • The Glorious Christ - Priest
  • The Glorious Christ - Prophet
  • One Last Thing - Pray
  • Good Friday Service 2020

    The Care of a Son
    The Compassion of a Saviour

  • The Sword of the Spirit
  • The Helmet of Salvation
  • The Shield of Faith
  • The Belt of Truth
  • Our Call - To Stand
  • Stand Firm - Ready for Battle
  • Hope for those who mess up
  • Put off Stealing and Serve
  • God Renews Covenant
  • God Rescues His Man

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