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  • Life In the Spirit

    Life In the Spirit Romans 8:1-11 Michael Wylie

  • Andy Prime - Gracemount Community Church

    Andy Prime joins us and share about the history and work on Gracemount Community church.

  • God Is Good - All the Time
  • Mercy for the messed up
  • There is no greater love than this
  • Resolved - Enjoying God
  • Resolved - Confession & Repentance
  • Resolved - Worship
  • Choices
  • Doubting Christmas
  • Lo within a manger lies, he who built the starry skies
  • What does Holiness look like
  • When the Message becomes the Motivation
  • The Servant King
  • Salt and Light - PT1
  • No Need to be Frightened - PT2
  • No Need to be Frightened - PT1
  • Nehemiah - PT2 - A Man of Vision & Action
  • Nehemiah - A Man of Vision & Action - PT1
  • Hope for the Broken Hearted - Life for the Dead
  • God isn't safe - God is Good!

    Interview with Phil Dunn (EMF)
    Phil shares from Isaiah 6:1-8 on the Holiness, the Grace & Mission of God.

  • Good News People of God
  • Encountering Jesus


    We consider what it means to encounter Jesus. We are reminded that one encounter with the living God should set up many more!

  • Psalm 91 - In God we Trust
  • What makes you happy - Psalm 32
  • Deep & Wide on Association Sunday

    Pastor Philip Boyd, from Whitehead Baptist, Joins us today on Association Sunday.

  • Our help comes from the Lord - Psalm 121
  • Good Friday Service 2020

    The Care of a Son
    The Compassion of a Saviour

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